By Daniel Lewis

Effective Pain Relief With This Unique, Low Cost Massage Tool

TheracaneThe Theracane massager's unique, award-winning design allows you to effectively target any spot on your body with focussed pressure to relieve sore muscles, work out adhesions and treat muscle dysfunctions.

Theracane Hits The Trigger Points EffectivelyThera cane use

When a muscle is injured after experiencing trauma, knots or trigger points develop. These twisted bands of muscle are very sensitive and if you've had massage, you know when your therapist has found one. Applying pressure to the trigger point allows the muscle to relax and restore normal blood flow to the surrounding muscle tissue, relieving pain and loosening the area affected. The Theracane allows you to effectively apply pressure to pressure points anywhere on your body and from different angles depending on whether you are sitting, standing or lying down. It comes with a manual of exercises to show you exactly how to use it for the best results.

Unique Design Reaches Anywhere on the Body

With other massage devices, including hand-held electrical massagers, the problem is that you can't reach the places that need massaging. Your only alternative may be to see a therapist and of course, you have to pay to do that. The patented design of the Thera cane allows you to reach any part of your body, from any angle. You can't do that with any other massager. It is truly a full-body, deep tissue massager. Here's a terrific deal on Theracane at Amazon. At the bottom of this page I have some other deals for multiple quantities.

Here is a nice video I found of physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrating the Thera Cane and they mention you can buy online – I've found the best deal for you at Amazon.

Effective Pain Relief

The Thera cane is effective in self-treating soft-tissue (muscle) pain and also has been shown to be effective for arthritis, stroke patients and people with spinal cord injuries. Anyone suffering from persistent pain will benefit from using this amazing massage tool.

Take Control of Your Pain

The Thera Cane is a great way to manage your own pain. The truth is that taking control of your pain by doing more than merely popping pills can have a very positive effect on patient outcomes. Actively relieving pain leads to greater emotional well being and has a positive knock-on effect.

Invented By a Patient to Cure His Own Pain

The Thera Cane was invented by Daniel J. Hennessey, a patient who suffered from a herniated disk, and pain following neck surgery. He discovered that he could apply deep pressure to any part of his body with the unique 6-ball design and increase blood flow to his muscles just like a professional masseuse would achieve.

Used By Professionals in Clinical Settings

The Thera Cane is used by professional athletes and used by thousands of health care professionals in clinic settings worldwide. Success speaks for itself. The Thera Cane is one of the most highly regarded massage devices on the market today and one of the best selling massagers on all of Amazon. If you suffer from pain, or just want to relax after a hard day, the Thera Cane is an amazing and affordable solution for you.

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